One of my greatest loves in life besides the two guys in my life – my hubs and 22 month old son – is getting something of good quality for a great price. As most know, that’s not always something that goes hand in hand but for the seekers out there like me, it can be found.

I was in a needs of a haircut but for my current salon price of cut and style at $36 + tip, I was looking to trim that down (I hope you all like a pun as much as I do because that will not be my last!). The idea of a hair school had been floating around my head for sometime so I popped over to Google for a little location help, checked out the website and made an online appointment right then and there. I’m of the opinion “it’s just hair and it will grow back” but here is some advice to get the best bang for the buck:

  1. Bring a picture – a visual is always handy and a newbie will appreciate it

  2. Be specific but kind – I knew I wanted a shorter style which can be tricky so I was specific on where I wanted it to hit in the front and the back and that I wanted it texturized and layered. Learn as much about the style that works for you as you can. It will come in handy!

  3. Be patient – I was given a survey which took some time and my stylist was very new so the instructor was called over a lot but that ended up a blessing because most of my cut was done by the pro. Something you won’t get at a low cost salon.

Overall, it was a great experience and for $10 +tip, I was as happy as I would have been at 3x that price. Something i will be doing again!



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