Overdrive  –

One of my favorite memories as a kid was all going with my dad and sisters to the library on Saturdays. I can’t remember what I checked out for the most part – probably an American Girl book or a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel or information about different breeds of cats – but it gave me a great appreciation for the library and what enjoyment you could get provided to you for free. 

In recent years, I haven’t read as much as I would like. So last year I went into a public library for the first time in years, got my account current (I owed about 78 cents that they waived for me) and set up my Overdrive account with my local library. Now I can download digital and audiobooks for our favorite word – free! So now when I’m listening to a podcast (another freebie favorite of mine), and someone recommends a book, I go look it up and I’ve had pretty good luck finding most titles either available or to put on hold. The 14 day borrow timeframe helps me keep on top of the titles I do want to make sure to read. And while I have every good intention of getting in for Storytime on Saturdays with the little guy, this app actually gets me reading/listening/learning in the meantime. Win/win/win!

SAVINGS: up to $180 a year

$15 a month (compared to audible.com) and $5-$15 an ebook


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