No Spend Challenge :: Day 2 :: A run, family and DVR woes

Simple day today and I’m sure I’ll be grateful for as many easy days as I can get. Went for a my long run, building up towards my first half marathon in a month, time with family. All good things to do for free! Took the hybrid sedan to drive to the trail and to our family’s house to save a little on gas.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-6-Finale-BannerAnyone else love the crap out of this show?

Adjusting to our new TV set up (aka life after DVR) and appointment television has become a thing again. With DirectNow, we need to catch shows live again (The Walking Dead finale!). Less cost, less convenience but the savings of around $1000 a year compared to our Dish satellite service – and still having access to our favorite shows in real time – it’s worth it so far!


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