No Spend Month :: DAY 3 :: Furnace complains, we say neigh!

Glad to be rolling out of a great weekend though we had a *possible* problem with our furnace last night. Ain’t always the way? We could hear it trying to start but not kicking on. Thankfully turning the thermostat off and back on at least temporarily fixed the problem.


Remember Kevin’s furnace in Home Alone? Our’s isn’t as scary but any non-functioning one might look like this to any homeowner!

This is the kind of thing that reminds me how important this No Spend Month is. When we moved into our house last year – our first home – money just flowed out of our checking and savings account. Things we didn’t need, things we did, things we upgraded but all the same, our stash of cash went from a nice cushion to threadbare. It’s probably a familiar scenario for a lot of people. So we spend all of last year trying to get in the black, not quite succeeding by the end of December. As the months have flown off this calendar year, things remain about the same. Some months are just along the line, some months (last month) was well below.

So this *possible* problem came right in time to remind me of the importance of this month and how it could change the landscape of our present and future finances. Sometimes it’s easy to think that there’s “nothing you can do” but often times there’s more room for more creativity than you ever imagined. Now hopefully the furnace hangs on we don’t have to start searching YouTube for our DIY answers


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