No Spend Month :: Day 4 :: Sidestepping the rules

I have decided gift card use is okay this month. While that comes with possible pitfalls of spending even more money/resources than needed, for me this challenge is made to save money but not to be shut in. So I used a theater gift card to see a $5 movie with friends. Our movie rewards card also gets you a free bag of small popcorn so that paired with some water in my trusty “pink cup”, I was good to go.


It ended up being worth the gift card money spent. Fantastic!

I want to take a second to highlight this cup. It’s your standard Yeti knock-off but well made and pretty to boot. I LOVE a cold drink and this makes ice last for hours and hours and stays room temperature on the outside which is another I’m obsessed with (i.e. my koozie addiction) and much more satisfied with plain ol’ water or tea and less likely to feel “the need” to buy a drink.


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