No Spend Month :: Day 5 :: How I saved on my new Fitbit and make money with it

I gotta say I feel pretty guilty receiving my new fitness tracker during my no spend month. But I’m also pretty excited!



Interchangeable bands?? Yes please!

When considering a fitness tracker, it’s hard to know sometimes if they’re just a fun accessory or a real help in reaching your health goals. I have a desk job so getting in steps and exercising is especially important. Having a Fitbit over the last couple years has been motivation for me in tracking my exercise and I find tracking my sleep interesting as well.

When my first Fitbit lost its back plate, I emailed their support and they sent me a new replacement watch. This time around my band started to bubble and support said no go on another new one but they offered me 25% on a new purchase. That paired with Ebates (click my link to download for yourself!), and I got a nice deal in a new watch I wouldn’t have had otherwise. While that’s not a tip for everyone, I don’t always think about contacting a company when something goes bad so worth a try!

I also wanted to mention a couple ways I’ve earned money by allowing companies to track my Fitbit app. Achievemint is an app that you simple link your fitness device to or to your other fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal and you earn points and ultimately redeem them for gift cards or cash! I have received $10 recently sent directly to my bank account. While I think the average person probably only earns about $10 a year, for very little effort, it’s worth it! Use my link if you want join yourself!

The other way I earn is with The Walgreens app. Signing up for Balance Rewards gives you points towards Walgreen purchases through their program. Again, very little effort and I’ve earn in the last few years about $15 just off of that. Again, small but more than worth the effort.


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