No Spend Month :: Day 6 :: 12 cents…

I had to go to and pick up up some toothpaste and allergy meds. I purchased carefully – store brand generics and on sale toothpaste. I also have been very under prepared for lunch this month. Basically just being supplied with snack foods hasn’t proven to be a perfect system. So I ended up buying a prepared salad that was marked down a dollar and divided it for two days (using dressing, feta and chicken i had for the second day as toppers) so I felt like I got good bang for my money there. I had a $20 Target gift card (diaper deal last month) so used that and begrudgingly put 12 cents on my Target Debit card, not even having a penny in my wallet.

Though that was nothing dramatic, I did feel a certain heaviness buying in a month I pledged as No Spend. While I had put meds and necessary toiletries (i.e. toothpaste) on my OK list, the desire to have a sincerely blemish-free month eludes me. I suppose that’s the perfectionist in me that wants the month where I truly don’t spend a cent but I don’t suppose it’s attainable. We’re going for Most Improved Month is perhaps how I should look at it.
So here’s my next quandary: What to do with the things that are popping up this month that are optional but are commitments others rely on me for. Example: spring sand volleyball leagues. I’ve been a part of these teams for years, they need the player, I benefit from the workout and the friendships. I could say I’ll ride the bench but this affects more than just one month and it also leaves those teams hanging if I do opt out. I’m planning on joining and keeping my spending to nil for drinks and food but there goes an optional $30 out of my pocket. I feel like it’s a small luxury but a luxury is something one doesn’t require…

I come away at the very least with a greater appreciation for where our money is going even if I decide to go ahead with some of life’s luxuries.


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