No Spend Month :: Day 9 :: Triple chocolate cake

I was asked to make a cake for my nephew. Chocolate to be precise. Interesting task for No Spend Month. Normally I’ll go to Pinterest to find something that sparks my interest and that’s what I did but it was a little different this time around. Not only did I want something that looked delish, But also something that would be simple. AKA buy as few things as possible to make it. And as few unique qualities as well. Heaven forbid I just make a box cake and can for frosting! I’ve been watching a lot of the Great British Baking Off so I was inspired.


Can’t get enough of that British wit!

This recipe had some complexity to it but also simple in the ingredients list. Having a cupboard full of baking good, I just needed cocoa, sugar (was about out) and bought a gallon of milk. Unfortunately my quick trip to Aldi, is I picked up a bag of flour rather than sugar…so a 5 minute trip to Walgreens provided the $3 bag of sugar I needed. So much for the best deal! But sometimes time (and gas) is money and it wasn’t worth driving 60 blocks there and back to get it. And the cake turned out perfectly scrumptious…



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