In our household, like many others, money is tight. Income not enough, outgo too much. And while it feels like there’s few solutions to this besides becoming DIY hermits, there’s always creative solutions out there that can be found. There are two types of spending – fixed and flexible. We’ve been working on reducing our fixed (negotiating bills, … More

Overdrive  – One of my favorite memories as a kid was all going with my dad and sisters to the library on Saturdays. I can’t remember what I checked out for the most part – probably an American Girl book or a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel or information about different breeds of cats – but it … More

One of my greatest loves in life besides the two guys in my life – my hubs and 22 month old son – is getting something of good quality for a great price. As most know, that’s not always something that goes hand in hand but for the seekers out there like me, it can be found. … More